•    Tricks & Trannys : a skate video series   

    Sometimes the best ideas happen without you even noticing. A good one came to life a few weeks ago in the form of a video series of “one-off” skateboarding trick tips on the ramp in my backyard, Bohemian Ramp City.

    This does seem to happen frequently in skateboarding, where for some unknown reason you may feel compelled to be ridiculous. That’s really what separates skateboarding from any formal team sport, the choice to be spontaneous to express yourself.  This is what has kept many people like myself continuing to enjoy it more than we ever had before.

    Every skater develops a set of tricks they like to do frequently on the transitions of a ramp. When they reach deeper into their bag of tricks, sometimes what comes out is not expected and usually turns out to be pretty funny. We decided to feed off of this with the series of cleverly named videos, Tricks & Trannys.


    Lazy Man Grind: The first episode. Chuck explains a trick to impress your friends at any session.
    Tricks & Trannys episode #1 – Lazy Man Grind

    Backfoot Sole Grab Punk Rock: T&T #2. Chuck is back with another “WTF?” moment.
    Tricks & Trannys episode #2 – Backfoot Sole Grab Punk Rock

    Sex-change Rock to Fakie: or whatever. Yours truly explains a trick. The series has landed.
    Tricks & Trannys episode #3 – Sex-change rock to fakie

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