•    EOTO live @ The Marquee 3/20/2011   

    The following snippet is a brief review of the evening as was written immediately after arriving home from the venue. It is also incomplete.

    Headed down to the Marquee tonight to see EOTO. I realized right away I could easily be doomed as I turned prematurely on my walk and ended up walking down Mill Ave. Evasive maneuvers were taken and all ended up alright until I came to the bridge at Tempe Beach Park were some festival with terrible music and thousands of people. I turned the music up in my headphones and took the last shot of Captain Morgans I had in my pocket.

    When I got my ticket, the girls at the door were chatting about how few people were actually there. They had no idea who EOTO was anyway. I briefly informed them and then went inside. I was surprised when I was one of the maybe 50 people there, and 30 of them were outside smoking. The doors to the show had opened two hours previously, but no music was being played yet.

    Zebbler’s group started the night out with some decent wobblings and an interesting visual show being played on a giant screen behind them. Why nude images of both the guys in the group were projected at different times during their set? That’s a question I’m not sure anyone can really answer. Beyond that, the reviews of their visualization sets are true. Pretty cool stuff. The group themselves were at best “good”. After seeing Excision at the same venue within the last few weeks, the sound just wasn’t there for me with these guys. It then became apparent that they were also controlling the visual show all at the same time, which was excellent, so it evened itself out.

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