•    VANS Epicly Cater’d @ Cowtown in Tempe   

    VANS made a stop in Tempe this past weekend to promote their Epicly Cater’d event. Free food, tshirts and hats, good times. $500 best trick on the Cowtown box. Nollie heelflip frontside tailslide took the prize as judged by John Cardiel, a skate legend. John is best known for some of the most insane lines on some of the most gnarly terrain you’ve ever seen. So, it was mildly entertaining to see him “judge” a huckfest of ledge tricks on a 5 foot long obstacle. NHFFSTS is a rad trick anyway.

    I happened to be borrowing a copy of Anti-Hero’s Tent City DVD from Russell, which also happens to be the last true video coverage for John Cardiel, so I found it a good opportunity to get the DVD cover autographed for Cash.

    "2Ca$H  JoHN CaRDiEL"


    I wasn’t sure how sensitive he was about the situation, so I was a little nervous having him sign this, but he was actually really stoked that I had a copy of the DVD and that I appreciated it. There’s a “treasure map” printed on the inside sleeve of the picture,  and also on the DVD’s menu, that John said there is a special code you can enter to unlock bonus footage from the video. Up to that point I didn’t know about this. He told me he would post on the Deluxe blog how it is done soon. I can only assume that he meant this URL. I’ll keep an eye out for it and post a link to it here when it comes out for anyone (other than me) who would be interested.

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