•    O’ Death at Plush in Tucson!! 03/21/2011   

    O’Death at Plush in Tucson!! 03/21/2011

    “O’Death… draws from the starkness and spiritual purity of Appalachian folk, the noisemongering of punk and the rowdy theatricality of Tom Waits. With quiet pluckings of banjo and angry, anarchic hollers, its songs jumble the sacred and profane.” – The New York TimeO'Death in Tucsons

    “O’Death… brings to mind the Pogues jamming with Wall of Voodoo.” – All Music Guide

    “O’Death howls like Neil Young and hollers like Tom Waits” – Spin

    “Picture Tom Waits and Iggy Pop together in a musical touring edition of Deliverance and you might come close to figuring out what I’m talking about.” – Treblezine

    Lowtide by O’Death

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