•    SanTan Wheelie Jam 04/23/2011   

    Headed out from my place early with Leslie to catch the train to downtown Phoenix for the first annual SanTan Wheelie Jam. An event put on by Tempe Bicycle Action Group (T.B.A.G.) with the assistance of SanTan Brewery.

    A quick stop for breakfast at the Tempe Market, and then onto the lightrail, which we had just enough time to buy our passes and get on.

    Breakfast with Leslie at the lightrail station.Once we arrived at the park we found our way to the volunteer sign in where our jobs were assigned. I was given the task of hanging a banner announcing the beginning of the parade location. Then, I was sent off with little to work with. Evidently I placed the banner in the completely wrong spot. Great. When I made it back to the park grounds, I heard over a walkie-talkie, “Did the guy with the tie-dye shirt get that banner hung?” I had, but I was almost too embarrassed to tell them I did it. I eventually met up with Joe Perez who helped me hang the banner in the correct place.

    Parade Launch bannerLeslie was given a job at the beer ticket tent so I hung out with her there, watching eager beer tasters buy tickets. The selling of tickets started before the parade, which was scheduled for 11:45 sharp, but no beer to be poured before noon.

    As in the above picture of the Parade Launch sign, my job for the day pretty much was completed right in time for the parade to start. It was basically a technicality at that point because most of the parade riders were already lining up where they were supposed to be. Still as of today I have not heard the final number of people signed up for the parade, but I believe it was about 150 riders.








    The first person to buy drink tickets (before the parade), was also the first person in the beer garden and on the mini-trikes SanTan brought.

    Lots of really cool looking bikes, great beer and good music made the 2011 Wheelie Jam an awesome success. I met many great new positive people who all, like me, will be looking forward to next years’ event which I’m sure will be even bigger and better than this year.

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